Monday, April 16, 2012

Wise words from Bikram in STYLE

There is no place in the world, no school, no university, no institution, or organization that offers what he is selling.  The product he sells is Life; humanity and spiritualism.  With Bikram Yoga, you live as long as you want, anywhere you want.... the World follows you!

There are 2 types of energy in this world; negative and positive.  Negative energy is 9 times more powerful than positive energy.  Congratulations- your positive energy has outweighed your negative and has brought you here to Teacher Training; your english bull dog determination.

Welcome to Bikram's Torture Chamber.  You have signed up to kill yourself for 9 weeks.
and the journey begins..........

All this is great, but I have to be honest and tell you that I was most excited that Bikram was dressed in high fashion, accompanied by his Louboutins, which were bought at Harrods in London last week with our tuition fees!  None of us is getting refunds lol.  Many people think that people in the yoga world just wear yoga pants all day and night.  Proven wrong from the Guru himself and i'm going to continue to wear all my fashion pieces proudly during lectures!  Thank goodness I over-packed=)

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