Sunday, April 29, 2012

Inspiration and tips from Visiting Teachers- Week 2

Lauren Belefski from Headquarters (Manhattan)- Monday, April 23
- Pranayama breathing: breathe out the negative, inhale the positive
- CONTINUOUSLY keep pulling

Barrie from Reno- Tuesday, April 24
- Build strength day by day by doing the best that you can in the "Moment"

Pauline- Wednesday, April 25
- Nothing will happen if you stay where you are comfortable.  Find your edge and push beyond it

Emmy- Thursday, April 26
- You can't draw a mustache on the monalisa and expect people to come see it
- Go from Beef Jerky to Plump Steak
- It's only Yoga when there's stillness

Stacey from Green Valley, Las Vegas- Friday, April 27
- If you make a mistake, forget about it.  Don't beat yourself up.  There is always tomorrow.  We are human.

Michon- Saturday, April 28
- Don't think, just do.  My mind, your body
- Surrender to the dialogue
- Don't adjust your boobs during Savasana... it's distracting

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