Friday, April 27, 2012

A Dream Is Following Me!

I've never ever dreamed of being anything or doing something specific.  I've always lived my life doing the best that I can; pushing the limits and boundaries to achieve my best everyday.  I've been lucky and fortunate to be presented with incredible opportunities to be successful and always be working with amazing people who continue to inspire me to do more.

When I worked at Aritzia, sharing my knowledge and supporting people in their growth was always my passion.  I was lucky to be working with such a remarkable company that taught me life lessons that continue to be taught in the Yoga community; from presentation of self to displaying discipline, everything is relevant.  We even say "if it aint broke, don't fix it."  I'm starting to realize that Aritzia was a tool or means that helped me fulfill my passion of helping others.

After 10 years growing and learning at Aritzia, I have acquired a skill set and pool of knowledge that allowed me to lead and inspire others to do the same.  Nothing gave me more joy than to teach, inspire and support others to achieve their own goals.  I am now a Student again; starting again at the beginning,  learning and building my knowledge at Yoga Teacher Training.  What we learn here is universal.  Our practice is a self-realization and Teaching is an extension of our practice where we learn humanity; how to act when faced with adversity; how to treat others; how to feel; how to communicate........ how to live together.  Yoga is not the subject.  The subject is YOU.  It's a journey of life learning and discovery.  

When I first decided to attend Yoga Teacher Training, the main purpose was not to become a Yoga teacher.  I have practiced Bikram Yoga for 7 years on and off.  I remember my first class in Vancouver at the Cambie location.  This was right before I moved to Toronto.  When I moved to Toronto, my practice depended on my work schedule.  It wasn't till the last 3 years that I practiced Yoga consistently and challenged myself to complete 10 and 30 day challenges.  Bikram Yoga was something that I was always passionate about and therefore, it found its way into my life one way or another.  It never went away.  

My Bikram Yoga practice was something that I kept to myself.  I never shared it with anyone.  It was my escape, time for myself, time to focus on my self discipline and respect.  I remember telling friends that they could not come to class with me because I need to focus on myself and that they would be a distraction.  As with every passion of mine, I always want to conquer it.  I felt that going to teacher training would teach me how to do just that and allow me to reach the depth and understanding of my practice.  So here I am.

I'm in week 2 of Teacher training and my perception of being a Yoga Teacher has changed!  Being a Yoga Teacher is another tool or means to fulfill my passion of helping others.  The incredible thing is that the subject here is universal; it's life; it's about YOU.  There are so many inspirational, aspirational, motivated, smart and overall wonderful people here at training, I can only imagine how many more I will meet that will continue to inspire and teach me..... we are on a Global Scale.

My next 10 years?
I don't know, but I feel that my education is just beginning as a Yoga Teacher.  I'm excited for my growth and development and the knowledge that I will gain to help others.  After 10 years, I hope to have travelled to as many places possible to share my knowledge of this amazing subject thru Yoga.  Everything is Yoga.

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