Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm alive after Week 1

Week 1 is over.  In the beginning of the week, it seemed like we had such a long week ahead; trying to settle in, learning policies and procedures, attending yoga classes and lectures, etc.  And now, it feels like it has ended so fast.  I already have a feeling that this teacher training is going to be over by the time we know it, so we really have to learn to live in the moment and enjoy everything as it comes.

Nothing good in life comes easy, so we have to continue to work hard.....i'm trying my best to find time to study the dialogue!

I've always been used to the "go go go" lifestyle living in a big city and working in such fast paced environments.  But this "go go go" schedule is a bit different.  Everything we do is challenging.  It requires our full attention and effort in order to produce results... and you have to produce results, you have no choice!  You need to just do it, not think about it and move on.  Focus on what's in front of you and try your best.  That is what has been helping me with the classes and schedules.  I have to ignore the fact that i'm tired in the morning and just go to the morning 8:30am Yoga class.  After class, I'm refreshed so I have to forget that I was tired and now I have energy for what is next to come.

"Don't Think.... Just Do"  Perhaps this schedule is also teaching us a lesson we learn in Yoga.  Everything is Yoga!

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