Saturday, April 21, 2012

Inspiration from Visiting Teachers- Week 1

Anna from Bikram Headquarters- Tuesday, April 17
- It's ok to cheat, just don't let the teacher see you
- Eat Watermelon

Ulises from Bikram Yoga Mexico- Wednesday, April 18
- You cannot save your energy for tomorrow.  Who knows if you will be here tomorrow.  Use it.  Don't waste it.
- Just Breathe; Don't' think.
- You have nowhere to run, nowhere to go, nothing to think, nothing to do.

Abhi from Bikram Yoga Santa Clara- Wednesday, April 18
- happy stable postures
- you have to make up your mind when you first come in that you will stay in the room for the 90 mins, then work as hard as you can

Emmy from Bikram Headquarters, Thursday, April 19
- focus on the power source of each posture
- 3 keys things to successful Yoga postures;
         Frequency (you have it)
         Precision (you have to work on it)
         Intensity (you have to apply it)

Danny from Bikram Yoga Vancouver- Friday, April 20
- Just like brushing your teeth, you need to work on your Spine everyday.
- Your spine is more important than your teeth.

Patrice - Friday, April 20
- Stillness equates Healing
- The best thing you can do for your students is to continue to work on your own Practice
- Tell your students to Breathe, Listen, and Look

Lisa Johnson- Saturday, April 21
- Eyes fixed, Stomach in (most important part of Balance)

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