Thursday, April 26, 2012

Access your Latent Force/Hidden Power

Just had an amazing and inspirational lecture from Jim Kallet to apply into my 5pm yoga class.  Just what I needed to ACCESS my Latent force/Hidden Power!

What you need to do Yoga
What you get from doing Yoga

5 Qualities of Mind:
1.  Faith/Trust
2.  Moral Discipline
3.  Determination
4.  Concentration
5.  Patience

When one has become successful at Asana, Pranayama can be perfected.  With Pranayama, the veil that hides illumination is lifted, and the mind is fit for medication.

The longer it takes, the luckier you are because it will last forever!
- this is a perfect one for me because everyone knows that I am the most impatient person ever!  Now I have a new outlook for practicing and demonstrating patience.

Today, I was able to access my hidden power and find stillness in my Standing Bow! =)

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