Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Journey Begins

Growing up, I always knew I would be successful.
One way or another, I was determined to be.

Gifted with the ability to memorize, I learned how to strive to the top in all my classes with little effort.  Wasn't till University that I learned that you need to actually put in some work and effort to succeed.  Some people may not have known... but I practically failed all my first-year classes with zero attendance and considered dropping out all together at one point.  I guess everyone goes thru it at one point in their life where they don't know what to do.  Although at that time I was uncertain of what I wanted to do... I knew that I had to finish and get a degree.  Needless to say, I finished in the top 10% of my graduating class with an Economics and Commerce degree at UBC.  Going thru University, I now know that it isn't what you take in university that is important.  It's the discipline, commitment and work ethic that you put forth and learn that prepares you and leads you into the rest of your future.

Being successful.... what did that mean?  I had no idea, no measure, no end point.... or rather, no idea of what was possible.  Now, I know and believe that anything is possible!!!  They say that success is a journey, not a destination.  As I live my life and go thru my experiences, I always find myself wanting more out of life.... and hence, my journey continues.  It will never end.

I have spent the last 12 years of my life dedicated to my work and career, growing and developing at Aritzia.  I still remember my first day.  It was a Sunday and the floor managers opening were Viv and Fred, who were just seeing daylight from a night of dancing at the Odyssey!  Astonishing, they were more than 100% productive, and I guess that's where I got that from;)  As a sales associate, I loved the environment! The incentives motivated me, the treats and candies energized me and the people inspired me.  Who knew it would become one of my biggest passions in life.  When people ask me what I love most about working at Aritzia, I say the people and seeing those that I work with grow and develop beyond their potential. That inspires me to do my best everyday and to continue to develop myself.   The unique thing about working at Aritzia is that you develop and foster relationships that lasts a lifetime<3, and thus Aritzia becomes a part of your everyday life and helps to shape who you are. I am truly blessed with the amazing friendships and relationships I have made.

People say I work too hard and that I am a workaholic.  Yes it is true, I am guilty.  However, people also know that I live my life to the fullest, with no limitations.  My years have been fulfilled with many goals, challenges and accomplishments, both personal and professional.  I try my best to seize every moment and take advantage of every opportunity I get to travel, meet new people, try new restaurants, see new places, embark on new adventures, etc, etc.  I'm proud to have exemplified what it means to Work Hard and Party Hard!

With a new year, I have a new motto for 2012:  Work Less... Play More.  My new journey begins as I take a 6 month minimum hiatus from my current work and life to just pursue anything I want.  I'm excited, scared, nervous, anxious, sad, happy, hopeful.... all the feelings that will lead me to another happy ending.

Where will I be after this time?
I don't know.
I am Free To Be.


  1. So good! I'm so happy for you and excited to see what your travels bring forth!


  2. loved this post... Love you fiunee come back to us soon!

    xoxoxoxo forever


  3. this post was so encouraging, i loved it!! be sure to write more when you get the chance, I can't wait to read more!!
    Have so much fun and we'll see you whenever you return!! xoxo