Friday, March 9, 2012

For my Friends

I was taught that a friend is someone who:
  •      stands by your side, no matter what
  •       respects and supports your decisions
  •       doesn’t judge your actions
  •      lets you be who you are
When reading this, it seems so simple.

As someone who has high goals and expectations of themselves, I tend to push others around me to do the same.  I always want the best for everyone around me, so when sharing my opinions, I tend to come off very critical and demanding. 

It wasn’t till one day that my friend shared with me this perception and that she just needed me to be there, that’s it.  That is when I learned a very valuable lesson in friendship.  Regardless of what you feel is right or wrong, it’s all about what your friend feels is right for her.  And whatever decision she makes in life, you have to be there to support her 100% with no judgments, comments or questions.  And continue to support her decisions throughout the rest of her life (Yes- this includes boyfriend choices lol).  That way, when she needs you the most, during the darkest hour, she knows that she can count on you.  Those are the most important times to be a friend.

I have been so fortunate to continue to meet friends that possess this valuable trait and understanding of friendship.  I only hope to be nothing less of a friend to them.

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