Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nothing will happen if you stay in a place where you are comfortable

Two months in Brussels have already flown by.  In the last 2 months, I have spent my time teaching full time (10 classes per week), maintained a consistent practice, improved in my postures (head to knee) and fed my thirst for travelling; visiting cities in Belgium (Brussels, Brugge, Zottegem, Antwerp, Ghent, Knokke), Germany (Koln, Aachen), France (Paris), and Spain (Ibiza, Mallorca).

Again, the world surprises me with amazing people that have exposed me to the sincerity and generosity of humanity, inspiration, knowledge and more.  I feel so thankful and blessed to be able to continue to travel, meet people who positively influence and enhance my experiences, and build life-long friendships along the way.

Leaving a city is always bittersweet.  But there are never Goodbyes in my vocabulary.  We will always meet again.

It wasn't difficult for me to pick up and move across the country (from Vancouver to Toronto), and although I was a little nervous at first, looking back, it wasn't difficult to pick up and move across the World!  You just have to do it... Don't think about it (actually, i only started getting nervous when i started thinking about it).  Make up your mind and put the actions in place to get you to where you want to be.  Once you are there, the rest will fall into place.

Nothing will happen if you stay in a place where you are comfortable.
Push yourself to the edge and beyond.  Surprise Yourself!

Living in a different country far from my own, I have been able to open my mind and heart even more so.  Europe has given me opportunity to grow and learn through a varies of different situations and obstacles.  I continue to freely express my personality and test and challenge my character and strength through my actions and courage to try new things.  

New things as simple as trying new food or new ways of eating certain types of food, to following directions on google maps to get to a new place, to asking questions in a new language, to hopping into a stranger's car as a means of transportation in europe to visit nearby cities, to visiting a spa only to find out it's an all-naked spa where everyone speaks german and amongst the several saunas it offers, one built with an oven inside and after 10 mins of baking in the heat (you and the dough), out pops a cookie for you to enjoy, etc etc...... the list continues, but each experience unique and equally significant to my life journey.  The details and stories I will share when the right time comes, for when a friend needs a little inspiration and push to follow their own heart.

I'm Thankful for my life and the Time I have to live it.
On to my next adventure.  I'm ready and excited for Ireland!