Saturday, June 16, 2012

Graduation Day

9 weeks in the Torture Chamber is complete.  In the words of Bikram- CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

413 students.  We all came from different walks of life and were brought together by the the love and passion of Bikram Yoga.

Each and everyone of us has been given the same opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge in the settings of a Hot Yoga Room, Lecture room, Cabana, Hotel room, etc.  However, throughout the process, we all endured our own struggle, triumph, growth.... our own Self-Realization, making each of our experiences unique, yet equally significant and valuable.  As we look back, how silly were we to get worked up on things like missing a line in the dialogue, freezing in posture clinic, forgetting to sign in, not having enough sleep, not studying enough, sleeping during movies, sleeping during lectures, sleeping during savasana, the list continues.....

Nonetheless, we are all here.  On Graduation Day.  We all made it!
Just as we have made it to Graduation Day, I have faith that each and every one of the trainees here will be successful in whatever goal or dream they choose to pursue.

Best of Luck to Everyone on their new Journey and remember that you are never alone.
We are a family.

Time to break out the champagne and put on some Fancy Shoes.

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