Monday, May 7, 2012

Inspiration and tips from Visiting Teachers- Week 3

Stacey from Texas, north dallas studio- Monday, April 30
- always leave students with their dignity

Jakob from New York- Monday, April 30
- Party time... every saturday night I have a party and all my friends come over to drink water half-naked
- Like a japanese ham sandwich.... whatever that is
- What I love about backbends is that they make me a little high
- Arms/ Triceps tight... nothing hanging like a wizard's sleeve
- Drop it like it's HOT

Emmy- Tuesday, May 1
- Yoga is an investment in your body's future

Allison from NY- Tuesday, May 1
- Any Body can do Yoga (inspiring story about the 3 men in her class)

Afton Carraway- Wednesday, May 2
- Everyone has a responsibility to take care of themselves so that they can be an example and lead others to do the same

Iko from NY- Thursday, May 3
- Never say no.  Always say Yes.  Never limit yourself
- Things happen with determination
- It hurts???....  I knowwwwwww

Girls wear high heels for other girls... no guys care.  - Dr. P

Tips after my dialogue delivery:
- Don't second guess yourself... keep going
- going 110 miles from LA to Vegas.... slow down!!

Thursday... Leave it to this lady to tell everyone how it's done!!!!  Great Half-moon posture clinic.
Thanks for correcting my half-moon Emmy.... who knew you could work out your butt muscle so hard!

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